Friday, January 29, 2010

Where to buy Amazon Kindle in India

Amazon's wireless device Kindle has fired up numerous customers around the globe, including India. It is extremely simple to use & does not require to be in sync with any external device. Basically, the Kindle is an electronics reader for printed matter. Not only are zillions of books, newspapers & magazines available, but blogs too! It weighs just 10.3 ounces, so makes for light reading in the sense that it is a great substitute for heavy books. The Kindle is said to have a long battery life and utilizes the same high-speed data network (EVDO) as advanced cell phones. You can buy the Amzaon Kindle directly from the official website of Amazon.
Important Notes:
* Kindle ships with a U.S. power adapter and a micro-USB cable for charging your Kindle via a computer USB port. The U.S. power adapter supports voltages between 100V - 240V.
* Your shipment is subject to customs duties, import taxes and other fees levied.
* Kindle books, newspapers, and magazines are currently priced and sold in United States dollars.
* Kindle includes a 1-year limited warranty.

The latest Generation Kindle is available here: Amazon Kindle for $259.00 (11,984.25 INR)
The Kindle DX costs $489.00 (22,631.45 INR)

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