Friday, January 29, 2010

Unique Valentine Day Gifts

1. Ozaki iMini Pet: This is a docking station equipped with various sizes of seat frames for iPod usage. It has an alarm as well as radio, with a LED screen and joystick pad button. The 'pet' part of this unique gift is the furry stuffed animal on top. The 'On' switch is embedded in the paws of the animal. It jigs in a dance mode when the music is switched on, even opening and shutting its mouth apparently in sync with the tunes! Your options: a white puppy dog with black floppy year, a brown lion cub, a green frog, a black & white panda bear, a brown monkey, and a pink teddy bear. These cute gifts were promoted as Christmas Day gifts, but I think they are great for just about any occasion. Take your pick and get some smiles & lots of hugs on Valentine Day!
Check them out here: Ozaki iMini Pet

2. Swarovski's Figurines: Check out the new Swarovski crystal figurines. I loved Disney’s Snow White and her merry elves. My pick for Valentine Day would be the tiny teddy bear holding three balloons in Light Azore, Aurora Boreale, Indicolite and White Opal crystal on strings in Silver-tone metal.

Check out the gift ideas here: Swarovski Gifts for Special Occasions

3. Table top gifts: Gift a simple but eye-catching clock for the table, or even a mini-reclining chair for a mobile phone! Check out such unique table top gifts here: Boss Gifts

4. Gift a Donation: Seriously!

Why not mark the special occasion with a special gift for somebody in need? You can donate here: Give India

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