Sunday, March 1, 2009


When computers first arrived on the scene, everyone went ga-ga over them. Then, when computers shrunk to electronic gadgets that could literally be put on the lap, everyone ditched their desktops. Recently Sony has come with a new VAIO model that fits in the back pocket!

Laptops have become a constant companion to those constantly on the move as well as those looking for space-saving devices. Being small, lightweight and portable, laptops can be easily moved around the house or office. With its own battery and wireless card, a laptop can be used just about anywhere.

The downside of a laptop:
* It is still very expensive, as is its battery when it eventually burns out.
* For those seeking quality audio, one needs to generally attach external speakers.
* A major negative aspect of a laptop is that it tends to get heated up quickly.

Whether you are buying a Lenovo or a Dell, you need to check out:
* It’s hard drive is a minimum of 20 GB
* It has a minimum memory of 128 MB
* It has a fast processor
* It has a lithium battery
* It is loaded with an efficient Operating Software (OS) that is genuine and not a pirated version

Don’t forget to install anti-virus software before you start working!

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