Sunday, March 8, 2009

Car Lights

Many car owners go overboard in rigging up fancy lights in the interiors, more as a desire to show off rather than as a practical necessity. A bright interior dome light is more than sufficient to, say, look at a map or check the location of something that falls to the floor of the car. But, no, the owner must have those bright neon lights beneath the dashboard that houses the Sony stereo system, or have them below the front seats. The cup holder next to the driver must have a bright LED light too. Additional LED lights will be strategically placed beneath the wheel arches or near the license plate so that the whole car glows in a garish manner.

What on earth is this obsession for designer car lights?! Often the most important lights are totally ignored: the front headlamps and the rear tail lights. Illuminating the road ahead is the job of the headlamps, while tail lights help the driver to reverse / back out safely without bumping into obstacles. Rear indicator lights also warn the motorist behind of your impeding turn. More than fancy interior and exterior body lights, it is the headlamps and tail lights that need to be the best. They need to be cleaned regularly, too, to prevent dust and dirt-grit from dimming them. So when you head to the automobile showroom to book your Tata Nano or Hyundai i20 Magna, do ensure that you pay more attention to the important lights.

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