Saturday, June 15, 2013

Who needs a time machine when WeChat is here!

Communication-cum-connection tools across space has got a new entry: WeChat. This social app enables us to connect with friends via text and share images and videos. Let's for a moment imagine that WeChat enables us to go back in time. If I had this wonderful opportunity to use this app not just to connect with existing people but also with those who lived in the past & fictional characters, who would I chat with? This blog post reveals my wishes...

First on my wish-list for chatting with WeChat would be Lord Ganesha to ask: What's your mantra for eating hearty and living happily? 

Lord Ganesha
In our age, obsession about weight makes me want to discuss such weighty matters as His mantra for eat hearty, live happy. He wasn’t obsessed about His rotund figure was He? Enjoyed His food without a care in the world! 

Next would be Enid Blyton, to ask: What is your take on Harry Potter?

My entry into fantasy & magic began with the The Magic Faraway Tree stories (image courtesy Climb up a tree in the enchanted forest, meet fascinating residents on the way up and enter the cloud hovering above the topmost branches – magic! Unusual lands, unusual people up there. Get back down quickly before the cloud moves away otherwise you are stuck in that land till the cloud returns to the tree. Descending, you get on a pillow and slide down the chute inside...fabulous imagination! So what would be Enid Blyton's feedback on the world of magic set in a school in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books? Wouldn't you love to know?!

At #3 would be Rabindranath Tagore to persuade him to create an anthem for the youth to stop committing suicide.
Rabindranath Tagore
Since Tagore was a poet & freedom fighter, who better than him to show the way to value life through beautiful language. Youngsters are pressurised to do well in exams, to compete with the best, to land successful jobs. Once in a career, the obsession for success & money never ends. Then there is the importance given to a love relation with boyfriend/girlfriend. When failure comes in the way of exams, career, relations...end life, rather than face it head-on and move on. Life is considered useless. Tagore’s beautiful language would help to reach out to such people & explain the value of life.

Then would be Kunti, chatting with her to convince her to be the face of an Adoption campaign.
Kunti - image courtesy

Blessed with a Sage's boon she did not really want, Kunti always pined for the son she gave away. In a country obsessed with fertility she would be great in endorsing the adoption of children.

Finally, I would just love to chat with a character from one of my favourite comics: Getafix in Asterix comics. I would earnestly try to get the recipe of his secret potion & learn how to use it wisely.
With his magic potion Getafix (image on left courtesy strength in the Gauls against their perpetual battles with the fierce Romans. However, at no time did he give the potion for misuse. He gave it only when necessary and to those who really needed it, leaving out Obelix since he already had the strength due to having fallen in a pot of the magic potion as a baby. How I would love to know the recipe of that potion!

That's my wish list of whom I would love to chat with & why via WeChat. Do you have a wish list too?

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