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Compare luxury hatchbacks in India

Have a look at the most popular luxury SUVs in India today:

Honda Jazz features and price in India

Honda Jazz roomy interior
The Honda Jazz is the most spacious SUV, with those seated in the front as well as the back having room to s-t-r-e-t-c-h their legs. Rear seats can be adjusted for a suitable angle for seating as well as folded to give additional storage area. Overall the interior is airy & the seats are at a higher level than in other SUVs. Easy-to-use controls and a user-friendly dashboard add to the over-all good impression. The front seats, though, cannot be adjusted for height.

The Honda Jazz range of models are: Jazz, Jazz Select Edition, Jazz X.

Alabaster Silver Honda Jazz
Colours of Honda Jazz: Alabaster Silver, Urban Titanium, Rallye Red, Tafetta White, Crystal Black

Brief Technical Specifications of Honda Jazz
  • Engine: SOHC i-VTEC 1.2litre petrol engine
  • Power: 90bhp @6,200rpm
  • Torque: 11.2kgm @4,800rpm
  • Economy: 12.3kpl in the city / 16.9kpl on the highway
  • Fuel tank: 42litres
Price of Honda Jazz (ex-showroom Delhi): 
(1) Jazz: Rs.5,75,000/- 
(2) Jazz Select Edition: Rs.599,900/- 
(3)  Jazz X: Rs. 6,31,000/- (including standard kit)

Additional Note: Warranty: 2 years/40,000km – can be extended up to 4 years/80,000km

Hyundai i20 features and price in India

Hyundai i20
 The Hyundai i20 is one the best SUVs to steer through city traffic. The seats do not have height-adjustments and the interiour space is just slightly less than that of the Honda Jazz. However, the luggage space is quite roomy. For security, the Hyundai i20 has 6 optional airbags. It also has auto-folding mirrors, side bolstering for the front seats, and auto climate control.
Hyundai i20 Petrol variants and Prices (ex-showroom Delhi):
  • i20 Era: Rs. 4,73,400/-
  • i20 Magna: Rs. 4,97,310/-
  • i20 Magna(O): Rs. 5,27,278/-
  • i20 Sportz: Rs.5,75,247/-
  • i20 Asta: Rs. ,621,082
  • i20 1.2L Asta (O) With Sunroof: Rs. 6,65,894/-
  • i20 Sportz AT: Rs.7,67,405/-
 Hyundai i20 Diesel variants and Prices (ex-showroom Delhi):
  • i20 1.4L Era: Rs.5,96,334/-
  • i20 1.4L Magna: Rs. 6,20,243/-
  • i20  Magna (O): Rs. 6,50,213/-
  • i20 1.4L Sportz: Rs. 6,98,183/-
  • i20 1.4 Asta: Rs. 7,44,012/-
Brief Hyundai i20 Technical Specifications
  • Engine: 1.2 Kappa dual VTVT engine
  • Power: 79bhp @5,200rpm
  • Torque: 11.4kgm @4,000rpm
  • Economy: 13.6kpl
  • Fuel tank: 45litres
Additional Note: Least expensive spare parts, very good service

Fiat Punto features and price in India

Fiat Punto interior
The Fiat Punto is considered value for money due to its add-ons. The list of equipment is seemingly infinite, what with climate control, dual airbags, rear fog lamps, power windows & mirrors, alloy wheels, Bluetooth….. However, for a tall person the front seat could be a problem. The ride quality is good & gives an overall feeling of stability.

Fiat Punto Variants and Prices (ex-showroom Delhi):
  • Petrol 1.2 L Punto Active: Rs. 490917/-
  • Petrol 1.2 L Punto Dynamic: Rs. 514351/-
  • Petrol 1.4 L Punto Emotion: Rs. 666358/-
  • Diesel 1.3 L Punto Active: Rs. 559571/-
  • Diesel 1.3 L Punto Dynamic: Rs. 623754/-
  • Diesel 1.3 L Punto Emotion: Rs. 684904/-
  • Diesel 1.3 L Punto 90HP: Rs. 721808/-
Colours of Fiat Punto: Hip Hop Black, Exotica Red, Boss Nova White

Brief Fiat Punto Technical Specifications
  • Engine: SOHC 1.2litre petrol / DOHC 1.4litre petrol/ DOHC 1.3 diesel / DOHC 1.3 advanced diesel
  • Power: 90bhp @6,000rpm
  • Torque: 115@ 4,500rpm
  • Economy: 10.2kpl in the city / 14.6kpl on the highway
  • Fuel tank: 45 litres
Additional Notes: Spare parts are cheap; Premium colors attract additional charges.

Skoda Fabia features and price in India

Skoda Fabia ~ best front seat & steering adjustments
The Skoda Fabia is good competition for the aforementioned SUVs. It is said to have the best front seats and steering adjustments. A few unique features include heated mirrors & up-down auto feature for all the windows. Light steering and great stability at higher speeds makes for a joyous ride.

Skoda Fabia Variants: Active, Active Plus, Ambition, Ambition Plus, Elegance

Skoda Fabia Price ranges from Rs.Rs. 4,51,593/- to Rs. 8,19,124/- depending on model variant

Skoda Fabia Technical Specifications
  • Engine: 1.2litre petrol engine
  • Power: 69bhp @5,400rpm
  • Torque: 1kgm @2,500rpm
  • Economy: 12.45kpl
  • Fuel tank: 45 litres
Additional Notes: High maintenance costs; spare parts could be expensive; Warranty is 2 years/unlimited km but no extension

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