Monday, November 15, 2010

Ducati Diavel 2011 Price Features Launch Date India

The Ducati Diavel created plenty of buzz when it was launched in Milan, Italy. The Ducati website states that the name Diavel was inspired by the Bolognese dialect word for devil. Well, the devilishly macho stallion-like looks creates a passionate desire to own it - right away! The Ducati Diavel creators have made liberal use of titanium and carbon fibre, which gives it an overall classy look with a magical flair. Heavyweight it certainly looks, but the Ducati Diavel is actually light at 207kg. The twin level seats at a height of 770mm (30.3in) makes for one of the lowest seat heights in the Ducati bikes range. As for the vrooms of the superbike Ducati Diavel - it rides on a 1256cc V4 engine and 162 HP.

The Ducati Diavel Models include: a base model called Diavel and Diavel Carbon (which is 3kgs. lighter than the base model). The Ducati Diavel launch date in India is likely to be January 2011.

Ducati Diavel
Ducati Diavel Carbon

Ducati Diavel Features Technical Specifications

* Engine: Testastretta 11° V-Twin

* Lights: The headlamp has high and low beam double reflectors + a horizontal strip of LED positioning lights for optimum visibility. At the rear there are two clear vertical strips of LED lighting to provide tail and brake light illumination as well as directional indicators.

* Fuel Tank: 17l tank has knee panels and on either side there are aluminium air intakes to feed the engine's airbox.

* Controls: The custom-designed integral brake and clutch master-cylinders by Brembo has reservoir tops, and the forged-aluminium supported mirrors give an expansive rear view. The Switchgear control incorporates easy-to-use switches and buttons. There is a unique weapons-like “trigger catch” which slides down to cover the starter button when you activate the kill-switch. You can use the indicator cancel button to select Riding Mode changes.

* Brakes: 320mm Twin Front Disc Brakes and 265mm Rear Disc Brake

* Colours: The Ducati Diavel Colours are pearl white silk combined with metallic black and rosso. The Ducati Diavel Carbon Colours are red and matt carbon; and glossy and matt carbon.

Ducati Diavel Price in India
* Ducati Diavel Base Model Price in India : Approx. 17 lakhs
* Diavel Carbon Price in India: Approx. 20 lakhs

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