Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Unique Gifts for Father's Day

Dads are one-half of adorable parents who generally leave disciplining tactics to their better half & spoil their kids rotten. What better day, then, than Father’s Day to reciprocate all the love & affection showered upon you?

One of the unique gift ideas for Father's Day is a spa package. That’s right; why should only ladies have all the fun?! I would select a special spa package for my Dad. All those body muscles which strained at work so that I could have a comfortable life; those feet which constantly pressed on the clutch & brakes when I was dropped off to school, college & exam centres; those hands which held me tight to stop the tears….they deserve a rejuvenating touch. Booking a spa package well in advance at the Club Oasis Fitness Centre & Spa would definitely be top priority for Father’s Day.

Next, my Dad would deserve a special lunch. It would not be an expensive meal at a five-star hotel, but at a restaurant which serves his favourite dish of kothimbir wadis and thalipeeth: Aaswad Restaurant.

At the end of the meal, I would definitely surprise him with a gift. That would be a trendy cell phone which is easy to use. My choice: the Samsung Corby. With its unique Fashion Jackets, the colour of the Samsung Corby can be changed. Bluetooth connectivity & a 2MP camera are some of the many wonderful features of the Samsung Corby which would make it an ideal gift for my Dad.

Naturally, I would not forget the most important thing: to hug my Dad and say “I love you, Dad”. More than my gifts, that warm embrace and those words of love will surely brighten up his special day.

Don’t Dads just deserve to be spoiled rotten?!

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