Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Natrang Film Review

Natrang is the story of a wrestler played by Atul Kulkarni who becomes a nachya (effete character) in a tamasha troupe. But the actual enactment as a nachya in the actual tamasha is a blink-and-miss appearance, one of which is repeated. It’s not very clear why the idea of playing both male and nachya role does not occur to the nachya earlier since he is a reluctant nachya anyway. (Review continues below the film poster)

As for the lavani dances, the less said the better. The opening dance itself is a huge letdown. The music overwhelms the lyrics. There’s not a line of song that stays in mind. The really outstanding part of the film Natrang is Kishore Kadam as the manager and friend of the nachya. Atul Kulkarni’s enactment focuses more on the externals, the mannerisms. All in all, a over-hyped film.

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