Sunday, January 17, 2010

Give India: Vote and Educate a Child in India

GiveIndia is an NGO that allows you to support a cause of your choice from about 200 NGOs that have been scrutinised for transparency & credibility. Give India does not raise funds for themselves, but helps YOU to donate to these NGOs. They let you know exactly where your money went and also give you proof of it through the feedback report.
Help Give India to win $1MN.

GiveIndia ( was one of the top-100 charities in the Chase Community Giving event and thus qualified for Round 2 of the event to win the big prize of $1Mn. It is registered in the USA as Give Foundation Inc.
Now Give India wants YOUR vote to educate the children of India.

Here are the details:
Chase Community Giving requires each NGO to submit a plan on how it intends to use the $1Mn prize. This is known as the "Big Idea" and is available at: Chase Community Giving

GiveIndia plans to use the $1Mn grant to for educational sponsorships costing $43 per child per year thus providing access to education to more than 20,000 children through their partner NGOs. All partner NGOs have undergone due diligence, and are highly transparent and credible organizations. They are located across India and provide access to education to underprivileged children, including the girl child, tribal children and children from remote rural areas.

However, so that your vote COUNTS and goes FURTHER Give India will take the balance of about $90,000 and run a matching campaign that raises an additional $1mn from individual donors. This balance will also help meet the operating costs of running this program, including costs of project monitoring, and tracking including regular quarterly updates. Thus we will be able to educate another 20,000 children and more than 40,000 in all. Each $43 sponsorship will provide books, school bags and uniforms to the children as well as the education i.e. teachers salaries and other costs to ensure a quality education.

Give India believes that there are enough people who want to see this happen, enough people to ensure that we get 40,000 votes that will in turn help to educate 40,000 children.
ONE VOTE = Education of one child!
Voting in Round 2 of the event began on January 15 and ends on January 22.

Here are some other ways you could help:
1. Paste this link with your email signatures between today and Jan 22 2010:

Want to help educate 40,000 children? Vote for Give Foundation Inc. Check out our Big Idea for Chase Community Giving at: Chase Community Giving

2. Send a Facebook inbox to Facebook inbox message to all their friends on Facebook. This worked best - a lot of friends voted! Here's a sample message you can use. Feel free to edit:
Subject: Please do this...

Hi (name) ,
Needed a really small favor from you. The NGO I support - Give Foundation - won $25,000 in round 1 of this facebook contest. They're now gunning for USD 1 million in round 2 - which they will use to educate poor 40,000 kids all over India.

All they need to win is people to vote for them. So please do so. Simply go to the below link to caste your vote: http://apps. facebook. com/chasecommuni tygiving/ charities/ 338730

They are targetting 40,000 votes, which means 1 vote = 1 child educated. So, if you could spread the word too, it'd be great. Every vote really counts!
3. Do you have a blog? Are you on twitter? Then, please do blog/tweet about this contest too. If you have friends with blogs/on twitter - please request them to do the same.

Thank you for reading this. Now please vote right away. Somewhere a child in India is waiting for your vote....

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  1. Dear Vandana,

    Thanks for everything - your support is helping and the vote counter is climbing! Here's a suggestion for you and readers of this post to use as their status update on FB. We need to rally all Indians and win the $1 million for our children!!

    YOUR 1 vote could EDUCATE 1 Indian child for a year.

    What : Chase Community Giving contest round 2
    Prize : USD 1 Million
    How : Vote for Give Foundation
    Where : Facebook
    When : Now!