Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Impact of Watch Phones

Your watch and your mobile have become such an indispensable part of you that you feel bereft when you leave home without either of them. Now you can have them combined on your wrist!
That’s right, folks. The watch phone or the phone watch – whatever you want to call it – has made an entry into the market. The question is: will they make an impact?

You may ask: "What on earth is a watch phone in the first place?" Well, the watch phone is an innovative product, its uniqueness being the ability to watching Father Time at work and getting your work done – sending an SMS, checking your messages, listening to FM, playing a game, etc. Thus a two-in-one no longer needs to imply just the old-fashioned radio-cum-music player. A watch phone is the contemporary two-in-one! I must say the idea is not only unique but quite interesting too – everything just a wrist away.

Talking about the wrist, the combined features of a watch and a mobile is a weighty issue. Manufacturers are constantly competing to bring out the slimmest watch and the lightest mobile. Yet, no matter how slim and light it could be, not to mention the thick strap you need to keep it secure, a watch phone is bound to put pressure on your wrist. And what about your elbow? Don’t forget if you are the type to constantly check messages, you will be getting a serious kink in the elbow each time you raise your arm to a 900 angle. It is also quite awkward to do use the phone features without actually un-strapping the watch.

Also, the watch phone is not exactly a mass market product. That is, it is a product for high-end consumers. Ordinary consumers with fixed spending budgets (like me!) would prefer to buy a Titan Raga watch & a Samsung Guru phone that would not cause a dent in our finances.

So I don’t think that the new innovative watch phones will make a big impact. What’s your opinion? Leave a comment at this blog page below.
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