Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Car Stereos

Car Stereos are a real boon to beat the stress created when you are stuck in a horrid traffic jam or need to drive for many hours on a road trip.

Some car stereos are equipped with just the basic features of an FM and clock. Others will have a CD player or multiple disc players. At the higher end are the sophisticated systems with state-of-the-art navigational facilities. Then there are systems that have mini-amplifiers, others with medium-sized speakers and yet others with extra power speakers to put at the back. A unique product is the car kit that enables you to tune in to songs in your car.

Whichever system you select, you need to check it out at the store itself and ensure you have a user-friendly system. In short, you need to understand how to use the various knobs and buttons that decorate the system and know the specs in terms of Watts and what-not. Most important, whether you buy a Sony or some other system, remember to buy a good head-cleaning kit to keep your system clean for clarity.

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